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Projects | Keyboard Covers

I leave my laptop on when I'm not working on it. Three Virtual Drives-- Dropbox, Google Drive & iCloud-- precipitate this. When waking from sleep, and sometimes even the screensaver, the virtual drives take over the machine while they "call home" and make sure they didn't miss anything. Also, I like hearing the notifications "bing" by. So now when I sit back down at my computer, lift off the stylish keyboard cover, everything was as zippy as when I left it.

I also find it's a great staging area for whatever I'm supposed to work on next-- I can't get to the computer unless I deal with this pile. It's the ultimate Getting Things Done (GTD) tool.

I highly recommend them. They're great to look at, the wood is beautiful to touch, and when I can, I'm making these out of reclaimed wood, so you're helping the environment.

I'm making these for MacBook Pros right now, but if there's another model you'd like a cover for, let me know. We can make a custom version and add it to our catalog.


Leave your laptop on.

Without the world getting on it.

Leave your laptop on.

Without the world getting on it.

Leave your laptop on.

Without the world getting on it.

Projects | Bluetooth Speaker Build

I've been renovating a house for an expansion of a bathroom, and original closet area had the most beautiful Cherry Wood Planking. I've always wanted a little Bluetooth® speaker system, and this wood provided the perfect opportunity.


Where Moose Come From:

Moose Mountain Design is the creative outlet for the physical design and build work of Peter Hollander-- the projects of mine which aren't video, or home remodels. The things you can hold in your hand and take with you.

The inspiration for Moose Mountain Design is a stuffed moose from Vermont, via Lake Placid, NY, who was so much more than the sum of his parts.

Given to me by a then young daughter, to look after me and keep me company while I was on the road for work. L.A. and back. Kona, HI. St. Petersburg, Russia. All around the East Coast. He and I saw it all.

He had his own blog during those years, 2009-2012, who's masthead read:

"There once was a moose, stuffed, yes, but he didn't think so…

All Moose knew was that there had to be something more than his little patch of paradise back in Vermont.

So he went a wandering. This is his story."

Design is about story. The clarity of an object and the meaning you derive from it.

Traveling with "Moose", and having to be creative with him on a day to day basis to entertain my daughter back home, taught me that design... and the delight of design, is everywhere. You just have to look and act on what you see. The results of that persistence are often times magical.

If you want to see a brief summary of some of Moose and I's journeys, they can be seen here.